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My passion for photography began because I came to realize, memory can't be trusted. Memory is unreliable. Memories fade and can get warped with time. Photos, on the other hand, are truth. Photos are documentation of our lives on this earth and they will always be there to remind us of how we spent our days, even if the memories themselves fade. They are solid, detailed, and inarguable proof of the experiences we had, the friends we made, and the families we have loved. 

In 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and within the same year, I lost my mother very suddenly to colon cancer. Believe me, your priorities get identified VERY quickly when those things happen. I remember right after my diagnosis (I am what is called NED currently, meaning I went through the full cycle of treatment and now there is No Evidence of Disease in my body at this time), I arranged two photo shoots: a family shoot, and a boudoir shoot. The family shoot because I wanted (no, needed) to freeze that moment in time with my family, and the boudoir shoot was because I had always wanted to do one but it was always something that I kept saying I would do 'one day'. Now I was about to lose both of my breasts to a double mastectomy and all my hair to chemotherapy. 'One day' quickly materialized. It suddenly became so clear to me that preserving memories and moments was of the highest importance and putting off 'frivolous' things (like boudoir and family portrait shoots) was no longer something I was willing to do. Because 'frivolous' isn't frivolous. It's who we are, in this moment. Right. Now. To be forever documented in time and remembered always.

I am passionate about capturing moments, not only for myself and my family, but for you. Life is so beautiful. Your life is beautiful. Let me help you capture it. 

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