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A Day In The Life

Life is beautiful. And there is so much beauty to be told in the 'in-betweens'. You know, the moments in between birthdays and weddings and milestone celebrations. Moments like lazy Saturday mornings in your pjs, cozy Sunday dinners, and long evening walks in the neighbourhood. Often, we classify these moments as 'regular' and 'mundane', and they sometimes (often?) get lost in the shuffle. But these are the moments that tell the story of you. They can be a little messy, and they're always unscripted, but trust me, there is so much beauty in there! I promise. Let me capture it all for you. 

Package Details

2 Hours

In your surroundings

Candid, documentary style

Unlimited images

$225+ HST

Rave Reviews

"CHRISTIE!!!!! They're amazing!!! You captured our personalities. Not just anyone can take photos and do that. They're beautiful and I love them!!!"


"You really have an eye for this. The pictures are so beautiful and so artistic...LOVE them..."


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