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Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Lifestyle sessions are my jam. Now don’t get me wrong, portrait sessions are super fun as are maternity sessions and engagement sessions (and all the other sessions) but there is something about lifestyle family sessions that make my heart sing. As I may have mentioned before, I LOVE love. And I love the small, subtle moments that happen within a family home that when strung together, serve to become some of the warmest and most fondly cherished memories of our whole lives.

So when Gil asked if I would photograph a family session for her, I was over the moon. I used to work closely with Gil (at my day job) and have spent a bit of time with her kids so I was excited to capture their dynamic together on a warm sunny afternoon in late August.

When I got to Gil’s house, the kids were still getting ready so we all chatted and I casually snapped some photos of Grace getting her hair done. Meanwhile, a very energetic Cooper was busy burying himself in pillows on the couch and joyfully leaping from couch to floor, from floor to couch. (Remember when you were little and couches became pseudo-trampolines and were so much more than just a place to sit?)

The next couple of hours were spent at the park where biking, sidewalk chalk, skipping rope, and a challenging game of limbo were the activities that followed. I could tell that absolutely none of what I was witnessing was in any way staged for the camera. It was so obvious to me that these were the same skipping games and songs they had been playing and singing together all summer long, and it was clear that the kids had spent many hours that summer perfecting their skipping rope limbo game.

Near the end of our session, we were back at the house and as I was photographing a very animated tickle fight that was underway on the couch in the living room, I asked Gil what they would be doing if I wasn’t there and she said ‘probably having the same tickle fight we’re having right now’. This is 100% exactly the reason why I love lifestyle sessions so much. I love sitting back on the sidelines and capturing the authenticity of real moments. Not staged. Just pure documentation of what life is like for any given family on any given day. That’s the stuff of amazing memories right there.

I know Gil well and I also know that like many parents, she worries about whether or not she is doing the best job she can as a mom who also juggles a demanding career, homework, and about a zillion extra-curricular activities. Gil, if you ever are unsure of how your kids truly feel about you, I hope these photos serve as proof positive that you are doing an amazing job. Your kids absolutely adore you and look at you with the utmost love and affection that any child can muster. Just look at these smiles and try to convince me otherwise.

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